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About us

We are 2FitHorses! As a team we make a difference We are a sparring partner for substantial issues such as contact issues; we are constructively critical, and really think in possibilities and solutions. Complex problems are considered a challenge and are tackled head-on. We believe co-creation and innovation to be very important. Only through collaboration can we reach the desired end goal: a horse that can move up to its full potential.

What's important

In late 2012, I was asked to do some research into bits. After a couple of months worth of research, I concluded that all those x-rays were very interesting. However, a picture taken while a horse was standing still and often sedated would never show an image that would reflect reality. After all, a bit is used for riding: so while the horse is in motion! As a result, I quickly began to put theory into practice by literally switching things up: I changed bits to see the effect. To my amazement, the difference was quite noticeable. I also noticed was that the description added by the manufacturer of the bit was not correct. This was my incentive – I developed my biomechanical view of horses and a unique approach to this field. I think it is important to measure precisely what type of pressure distribution each horse requires to achieve that correct level of self-carriage and engagement. This can only be really properly assessed when you look at the movement of a horse.

How small changes big a difference

Getting a horse to move to the best of their ability while avoiding potential injuries: that is what I love about my job. When I see a horse that cannot move to the best of its ability and the puzzle is not complete yet, I will not hesitate to use more creative measures to solve this challenge through determination. A horse indeed indicates what type of pressure he likes and in what areas!

Even today I am often amazed at how a small change can make such a difference in a horse.

Searching for answers and always looking for ways to improve the horse's locomotion is vry close to my heart. That is what 2FitHorses stands for.

The 2FIT-Team

In addition to Karin, the 2Fit Team includes the following specialists – each an expert in their own field. Together, we can solve any puzzle!

Karin Toetenel

CEO en biomechanical fitter

Our partners

Madelon Eekhof

Biomechanical fitter

Loreen vd Bloesem

Biomechanical fitter

Eva Vissenberg

Biomechanical fitter

Sanne Gouwenberg

Biomechanical fitter

Sam Oudhof

Biomechanical fitter

Sabien Verheijen

Biomechanical fitter

Mies Smit

Biomechanical fitter

Liz van der Stelt

Biomechanical fitter

Liz van der Stelt

Biomechanical fitter

Julie D'Hooge

Biomechanical fitter

Our philosophy

We set high standards

An anatomical bridle and girth in itself are not the answer. But a FITTED anatomical bridle and girth can be since it allows the horse to indicate what feels comfortable. And that is something a rider will immediately feel as an improvement in the contact and locomotion of the horse. And it can make a huge difference… Our mission is to convince all Dutch equestrians!

Our legacy

Shaping through education

2FitHorses offers a complete educational programme for Biomechanical Fitters that enables you to specialise in contact and locomotion. In addition to biomechanical fitting, we also address everything concerning problems with the corners of the mouth, tongue, neck, contact, and changes to the bars. This course is taught in both Dutch and English. The duration of the course is 1 to 1.5 years. There are three course days every month.